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Only YOU can challenge yourself. 
As a beachbody coach I tend to get this a lot, “I don’t know if I can do those home workouts. I need someone to challenge me at all times, one on one.” I want to sit there and shake the heck out of them and tell them they need to get rid of their excuses and just challenge yourself because in the end that’s all you need. Only you can be the one to do that extra push-up. Only you can be the one to do that extra mile. You are the only one that can push yourself to the next level. 

Think about that next time…

Im back! πŸ˜‹
Sorry guys! I know you missed my workout videos but I was on vacation back home and I didn’t want to miss one second of anything while I was there. Now I am back home in wonderful washington state and back into my daily routine with not only my family but also my business! Do you want more of these? Feel free to let me know so I can start making more for all of you who do like it.

Here are my day 60 results for PiYo! I had a csection 3 months ago and I knew it would be hard to get back to where I wanted to be and I’m still working towards getting to my goal body (not my goal weight, because weight doesn’t matter to me). Here are my stats:

-10 inches gone all around! 
-4 lbs gone! 
-I’m stronger in every way. 
-I’m more flexible (I can even touch my toes which I haven’t done in YEARS) 
-I feel more balanced.

I will be starting another round for myself on Monday! Do you want to join me? Send me a message or comment below for more info on how to get in on my next test group for PiYo! #piyo #fit #fitness #pilates #yoga

10 inches down, 4 lbs gone! 
I used PiYo and drank my shakeology all while I was on vacation the last 30 days of the program! 

Comment below if you want to see the before/after picture!
Be you. 
Be yourself.
You can only live your life acting like someone your not for a limited amount of time. I always used to care about people liking me or not liking me just because I would act like myself but then when I noticed they didn’t like me, I would be fake so they would like me. Now and days, I don’t care. #sorrynotsorry 
I am who I am. This is who I am:
➑️I am a mother of 2 
➑️I am horrible with math.
➑️I don’t know my left from right when put on the spot fast 
➑️I am weird 
➑️I wear glasses 
➑️I am usually either your best friend or worst enemy. Never the middle 
➑️I am a military spouse
➑️I love my children and my husband 1ST! 
➑️I am 4’11 
➑️I love fitness 
➑️I’m not perfect 
➑️I suffer from severe anxieties 

Who are you?

Love Yourself! 


From time to time, okay sorry about 90% of the time I have to tell myself I’m beautiful and remind myself that I love my body and to not worry about what others think. You have to love yourself in order to have other people love you. Who wants to be around someone who is constantly complaining about themselves? 

Think about it. Remember to love yourself.
Slowly getting back to normal. Last few days I will admit I have been not too good with my nutrition because I have been on vaca but I have continued my shakeology and also been doing my #PiYo workout daily as well. Tomorrow off to a perfect start again to my nutrition. 

My Progress with PiYo:
➑️5 inches lost in waist 
➑️3 inches lost in hips 
➑️More energy 
➑️More balanced 
➑️More flexible 

Want to join me in my journey? Message me on my FB page, link is in my bio. 

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Beautiful Angeles Lake! If you don’t already know I have been unplugging for the last few days due to my husband coming home from what seemed like a long TDY and also we are driving from Washington state to San Diego, CA. Most of California is in a huge drought so pretty pictures are hard to come by. Next picture you will see is the Hollywood sign!  (at angeles lake)
Sorry guys I am unplugging for a few days due to being on the road back to San Diego! I will be posting pretty pictures of #Shasta and other places going down the #I5
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