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Sorry if I won’t have the time to do a workout video today. I broke my glasses by accident last night and this has been my attempt at fixing them. So far not working. Good thing though that I have a eye exam later so I can get some new glasses.

I know that I’m not perfect with this especially with my advanced version but I’m working on my balance and my flexibility to get better and so should you!

1⃣Go into a side plank
2⃣Take your hand behind your head while lifting your leg behind your body.
3⃣Crunch your abs by lifting your elbow to your leg. Make sure to flex your abs when doing this.

(Bottom video Instructions)

The advanced version is to kick your leg while you crunch.
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Here is a little strength and stretch exercise for you!


1⃣Go into a low lunge
2⃣Lift and lower your back leg
3⃣Lower your back foot while your other leg will go straight. POINT YOUR TOES to get a good stretch.

Repeat on other leg.

Here is some more #PiYo for you. More of a version of yoga though. I can already feel that I am getting stronger and also more flexible with this program!

Amazing stuff!

This was me after having my son, JJ. I have a story and it will be tough to talk about but I know that if I struggle with it, so do others and maybe I can help others like me. 

I have anxiety problems. The woman in this picture didn’t just want to get rid of her baby weight but I had a deeper calling that my body needed to find a way to help my anxiety. That became fitness. 

My anxiety has always been there, even before my kids. My usual routine to get rid of it was I used to suck my thumb. I sucked my thumb till I was 16. You heard me right, 16. It was a way for me to relax my body and get rid of the anxiety. When I stopped doing this I never really figured out how to get rid of the anxiety when it would come up. When I got married, food became that void. I would try my best to go workout at the on base gym but I would feel like everyone was looking at me. Looking at how bad my form was, looking at my fat body (even though I wasn’t that big at the time), so after that first 2 days I would stop. I began to have feelings that Joe no longer thought that I was beautiful after i had Jj and I even felt like I was ugly and I would cry being in this state. I committed to start P90X. I committed to start loving my body and becoming more confident with how I look. I committed to something that help me cope with my anxieties. With P90X and Shakeology I lost 23 lbs and I found a way for myself to cope with my anxiety in a healthy manner. 

I know I will always struggle with this but I know if I continue my regimen then I can get through it.
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I was in the middle of my “Buns” workout video for PiYo and JJ decided to come below my elbow plank. I guess you can say he became a drill instructor to keep me going. 

Who or what is your motivation for working out?

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Here is another #PiYo workout for you guys! I’m in my 3rd week and LOVING it! If you know me, I just had a csection about 8 weeks ago and so I had to make sure I don’t do a program that is intense. PiYo allows me to workout, sweat, lose weight, without compromising my doctors orders.
Here is a nice warrior 1 phase to do.

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Got my workout in for today. Trust me, being a mother to a toddler and a newborn it can be difficult to push in a workout on top of everything else I have to do. This workout was probably my hardest workout to do, not because it was super difficult to do the moves even though they were tough, it was because my toddler was throwing tantrums, having potty accidents and my newborn daughter was screaming her head off not taking her binky. I think I stopped the workout maybe 15 times but every single time I would press play once again and continue my workout! Eventually at about 20 minutes into it I literally just stopped and just said “this isn’t going to happen right now”. I waited until I could put my toddler to bed and I continued my workout! 

Don’t let your kids be an excuse as to why you can’t do a workout. If I can do it, so can you!